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The Rewards program is designed to allow persons served opportunities to either volunteer in their community or work in the community.

With the assistance of their team and from a designated job developer, they are able to try new places geared towards what they like as well as learn new skills. 




Is the volunteer program side of Rewards. Persons served are offered multiple places to attend on their scheduled outings. Places include Resale Depot, St. Vincent’s, Jackson County’s Animal Shelter, Cascades Human Society, Imagine Planet, The Big Seed, Priceless Gift Shop.


Skill-building assistance consists of activities identified in the individual plan of services and designed by a professional within their scope of practice that assist a beneficiary to increase their economic self-sufficiency and/or to engage in meaningful activities such as school, work, and/or volunteering. The services provide knowledge and specialized skill development and/or support. Skill-building assistance may be provided in the beneficiary’s residence or in community settings.


Supported Employment:


Is the employment side of Rewards. With the assistance of a job coach, individuals are able to work in their community to gain skills, insights on working and maintaining a job, and earning a paycheck. Provide job development, initial and ongoing support services, and activities as identified in the individual plan of services that assist beneficiaries to obtain and maintain paid employment that would otherwise be unachievable without such supports. Support services are provided continuously, intermittently, or on a diminishing basis as needed throughout the period of employment.


The capacity to intervene to aid the individual and/or employer in episodic occurrences of need is included in this service.  Supported/ integrated employment must be provided in integrated work settings where the beneficiary works alongside people who do not have disabilities and get paid the same wage for the same job.


Individual and Customized Job Support

Development and Training

Worksite Accommodations

Follow-Up Training and Support

Resume, Application, and Interview Assistance

Employment Plans

On the Job Training

Vocational Assessment


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