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The LifeChoices/PICC program offers individuals served the chance to engage with their community and gain exposure to various groups while pursuing personally chosen goals.

With these goals and their staff, they are able to work on skills to improve their independence and to increase their overall knowledge. 


LifeChoices/PICC main function is to support and encourage persons served in achieving their community goals and increasing their independence. 

The LifeChoices/PICC program supports a completely individualized, systematic approach to:

•  Learning, growing, and developing new skills and interests in a community-based setting.

•  Discovering all the great opportunities a community can offer.

•  Becoming an active community member.

Definitions: Two main services are provided by the LifeChoices/PICC program, these include Community Living Supports (CLS) and Supported Living (Wellness). 

The Medicaid Manual definitions are as follows: CLS is used to increase or maintain personal self-sufficiency, facilitating an individual’s achievement of his goals of community inclusion and participation, independence, or productivity.


The supports may be provided in the person served residence or in community settings (including but not limited to libraries, city pools, camps, etc.). 


Supported Living assistance with meal preparation, laundry, routine household care and maintenance, activity of daily living and/or shopping may be used to complement Home Help or Expanded Home Help services when the individual’s needs for this assistance have been officially determined to exceed the MDHH’s allowable parameters. Reminding, observing, guiding, and/or training of these activities are Supported Living coverages that do not support Home Help or Expanded Home Help.

Examples of goals but not limited to: Money management/budgeting/learning. Socialization and communication skills. Wellness skills (physical/mental health, grocery shopping, med pick ups, etc.). Maintaining their homes and learning basic household chores. 

Activities: Activities are designed to the persons served choice. Many activities include parks, bowling, putt putt golf, shopping, going out to eat, swimming, YMCA, movies, zoo trips, etc.

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