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Adult Foster Care homes are homes that provides supervision, personal care, and protection in addition to room and board, for 24 hours a day, 5 or more days a week, and for 2 or more consecutive weeks for compensation. 


These homes are licensed and inspected by licensing consultants from the Office of Children and Adult Licensing.

You have a right to: 

-be free from discrimination because of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap, marital status, or source of payment. 

-exercise constitutional rights, including the right to vote, to practice the religion of your choice, etc. 

-to send and to receive unopened and uncensored mail. 

-participate in social, religious, and community activities, as well as the right to not participate. 

-contacts with relatives and friends, and to receive visitors in the home at a reasonable time. 

-private communications and consultations with a physician, attorney, or any person of your choice. 

-choose a physician, psychiatrist, or dentist for needed services. 

-refuse treatment and services, and to be told of the possible consequences of that refusal. 

-private use of a telephone every day. 

-access to your own room at your discretion. 

-voice complaints and make recommendations for change without fear of retaliation.

-be treated with consideration and respect, with recognition of personal dignity, individuality, and the need for privacy. 

-nutritious, appetizing meals. 

-be free from harm and punishment by restraint, isolation, personal humiliation, or by having food, water, or clothing/personal items withheld. 

-review and discuss your records with the home’s staff, including the assessment and care plans. 

-use the services of advocacy agencies and attend other community services. 

-request and receive assistance from a responsible agency to relocate to another living situation.

At the time of move-in, a Resident Care Agreement between the resident and the home must be completed.

This agreement must be reviewed annually, but can be reviewed anytime there is a concern about the level or quality of care being provided. The homes have a process for addressing informal concerns to the staff or administration. You can make a formal complaint in writing if you cannot resolve issues with the home.  A complaint can be filed with the Office of Children and Adult Licensing.

After investigating a complaint, the Office can require that the home prepare a plan of correction; fine the home; or suspend, modify or revoke a home’s license. For more information please call our toll free number: 1-866-485-9393.  OR CLICK HERE.