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Kristen Wright

Kristen Wright, Recipient Rights Liason

At LifeSpan, we are very interested in making sure you feel safe and loved.  If you feel you need to talk to someone about an issue that is bothering you, you can contact the LifeSpan Recipient Rights Liason pictured above!  

You can either email her at or call her at 517-748-7071.  She will be happy to arrange a meeting with you as soon as possible, but no more than two business days.  

LifeSpan has both an informal and formal complaint process.  If your complaint can be worked out informally, the process is described in our Informal Complaint Process.  IF you'd like to make a formal complaint, Kristen can help you fill out a complaint form and it will be submitted to the Office of Recipient Rights for a possible investigation or intervention.  

CLICK HERE to see LifeSpan's Policy on the Protection of Rights.

CLICK HERE to see LifeSpan's Informal Complaint Process.