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NEW Dept. of Health & Human Services

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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Has Been Initiated

Effective April 10, 2015, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is officially established as a new agency. Pursuant to Governor Snyder's Executive Order No. 2015-4, MDHHS is created as a principal department in the executive branch of state government.

The Executive Order requires MDHHS to develop, administer, and coordinate health and family security initiatives and programs. The Department's vision is to promote better health outcomes, reduce health risks, and support stable and safe families while encouraging self-sufficiency.

Under this reorganization, the previous functions of the Michigan Department of Community Health and the Michigan Department of Human Services have been transferred to MDHHS. The budgets of the two former agencies totaled approximately $24 billion, or 46 percent, of the $52 billion state budget. As part of the reorganization, the Michigan Aging and Adult Services Agency and the Michigan Children's Services Agency are created within MDHHS.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has released an organizational chart. The leadership team includes the following persons:

  • Nick Lyon - Director
  • Tim Becker - Chief Deputy Director
  • John Sanford - Recipient Rights Director
  • Lynda Zeller - Deputy Director for Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities
  • Steve Fitton - Deputy Director for Medical Services Administration
  • Farah Hanley - Deputy Director for Central Operations
  • Sue Moran - Deputy Director for Population Health and Community Services
  • Kari Sederburg - Deputy Director for Aging and Adult Services Administration
  • Steve Yager - Deputy Director for Children's Services
  • Terry Beurer - Deputy Director for Field Operations

Of course, it will be a lengthy transition process as various organizational changes are made within MDHHS. We will provide you with periodic updates on MDHHS. The website address for the new agency