LifeSpan...A Community Service
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Jackson, MI 49204
(517) 784-4426


LifeSpan’s Quality Improvement Program generates information that is reviewed by agency leadership.  The QI Program generates data on identified performance indicators in order to monitor and influence services provided, and ensure quality of services and outcomes. 
LifeSpan continuously seeks input from a variety of sources such as: person’s served, their parents/guardians, staff, casemanagers, other providers, Board members, Lifeways (CMH), data sheets, GO forms, and natural supports.  The feedback guides LifeSpan's focus, and helps identify areas in need of improvement.
The Annual Outcomes Report contains an overview of performance and quality improvements for all LifeSpan programs.
GO forms are a continuous method of receiving input from any stakeholder who encounters LifeSpan.  They can be used to:
  • Share an idea for service improvement
  • Share issues which require a third party input
  • Identify misleading documentation
  • Identify falsification of documentation
GO forms can be found at the Main Office, or can be mailed upon request.