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Job Development

Job Development - REWARDS
What does LifeChoices REWARDS program offer?
Job Readiness Training- Assists individuals in becoming ready for the workforce.  Topics range from learning to navigate the workplace, and appropriate work attire, to anything important in achieving employment success!
Job Developing- Assists the individual in identifying available positions, completing employment applications, and anything else needed to find the right job!
Job Coaching- Assists the individual with learning specified tasks in an understandable manner to them, works side-by-side with the consumer until they are confident in their abilities, and slowly allows the consumer to take on more responsibility in order to become the best possible employee!
Please feel free to view the attached PowerPoint illustrating EVIDENCE  BASED PRACTICES in SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT!  
Rewards operate from:
524 N. Jackson St., Jackson, MI  49202
Manager:  Neale Maske, BA 
Vocational/Job Developer:  Zach French