LifeSpan...A Community Service
PO Box 1978
Jackson, MI 49204
(517) 784-4426

Community Living Support


Currently serves over 220 consumers in Jackson County and 65 in Hillsdale County.

Offers personal choice in: scheduling, support staff, community destinations & individualized personal goal objectives in areas such as:

v    Social

v    Physical

v    Emotional

v    Occupational

v    Spiritual

v    Intellectual


Activities can take place in any home setting or in the community.

v  Obtaining your own home

v  Understanding and controlling diabetes

v  Learning to cook safely and nutritiously
Promotes Gentle Teaching in any encounter with everyone, everywhere!

Develops creative ways to work on goals so that learning is fun!

Emphasizes good communication with all stakeholders:  person's supported, families, other providers, supports professionals and the mental health authority.
Organizes Social Events throughout the year such as: Christmas Party, Halloween Party, Picnics, and Bowling Fun!


524 N. Jackson St., Jackson, MI  49202
Manager: Neale Maske, BA